Thursday, 15 October 2015

Walnut Canyon

Today I took my bike on a trip to Walnut Canyon. It’s about 15km from my place, so I thought - hell yeah, we can do it.
And - surprisingly - we did it.
Very nice ride to the canyon, through pine forest. I think I’ve found a perfect place for a long run (when I’m able to run again…)
Walnut Canyon was inhabited by Sinagua people from about 1100 to 1250 CE. Then they suddenly left, leaving their dwellings empty.
Walnut Canyon was proclaimed a National Monument in 1915, to preserve it’s cliff dwellings. Apparently in the late 19th century it was a popular pastime to come to ancient ruins and dig and collect stuff found there.

At the moment there is a visitors centre there, and two trails - one along the canyon’s rim, and the other one (called “Island trail”) descending 56m down into the canyon. The place is truly beautiful, I’ll better shut up now and let you see some pictures of it.

Just before I shut up - after the canyon and a little break at home, I took my bike to the gym and back. Slowly coming back to activity, did 40km overall on the bike, which probably is ridiculous for proper cyclists, but at the same time it’s my new record in M30 age category.

And now to the pictures and me shutting up:

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