Friday, 16 October 2015

Back to running

I tried to run the first thing in the morning - and I can do it again. My knee still hurts a bit, but it’s not getting worse while running, so here we go!
I run 2km in the morning (had to stop because of a thunderstorm), and 5km in the evening (had to stop because of a thunderstorm).
Yes, the weather got shitty today. 
It was raining a lot, some storms as well. Pretty dynamic, I was quite lucky coming back from the gym, it started raining 4 minutes after I got home.
And when it rains here, hey, it’s an American rain. Everything they do in this country, it has to be big. So is the rain. No half measures, only full-blown solutions.

Sorry, no pictures today. But you all know how the rain looks like, don’t you?

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