Saturday, 10 October 2015

I will never be a triathlete

...not because I can’t swim. Although, when I get to think about it, it could be a showstopper, too.
But I will never become a triathlete because I've bought a bike.

Before I came here I was planning to get a cheap, preferably second-hand bike, to do some trips to interesting places around the area, that are too far to run to. I was thinking that bike would be a faster and less tiring means of transport than running. And I’ve heard that easy cycling is actually good for post-run recovery.
So I got a bike. A brand new one beast from Walmart, $99 + tax. Got two wheels, two working brakes, 7 gears, seat, all the usual bike stuff.
I didn't ride a bike for more than 3 minutes in 5 years or so, so I was expecting it to be a bit hard and not very comfortable in the beginning, but I thought it's going to be doable at least.
But it turned out I'll need to reconsider the how fast and non-tiring it is.
A day before I run back from the gym. It's just under 5km, I was really tired after the workout, and had a backpack. It took me 26 minutes of easy jog (including several stops at the traffic lights).
Today it took me 24 minutes to the gym and 23 minutes back (I spent more time at the traffic lights on my way to the gym). Ok, when I cycle, I'm more careful about the traffic, I wait at every traffic lights, but come on - 2 minutes difference!? And it felt really hard if the road was going even slightly uphill.
Seriously, I'm starting to admire all my cycling friends, that shit is hard!
Anyway, will try to get used to it, didn't give up on all the tourism I was planning to do. Yet.
But for sure I'm not going to do any triathlons. 
Please remind me about this post in the future, if needed.

Oh, there were no pictures in the previous one. So please help yourselves to a few pictures I took last night in the Museum Club - apparently super famous Country music venue, that is exactly 15 minutes walk from my motel.
I've found that out coming back from the gym. There was a sign saying there is live music there every weekend. I had a look at their website, and here we are - Jason Michael Carroll playing. Tickets - $20. Wow, it has to be someone important, I thought. I mean, when we (Todger) play a gig, tickets are never more than a few quid, and it's only because there are 4 other band playing, and the organisers have to pay the sound man. And we are important, for heavens sake! (At least for us and British breweries).

So I went there, I listened to some Country music (really nice and professional), had a few beers, and a nice conversation with two Navajo guys. We discussed Cradle of Filth and Iron Maiden, apparently very popular topics among Native Americans.

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