Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Just another boring post on running

Last days were quiet and uneventful. Just back to the business, and waiting for the weather to get better. They say it's going to be nice from Friday, so almost there.
Sunday was a pretty hard day. Already tired after Saturday's track session, I went for a long run.
Long run at altitude is a way harder than at sea level. For the first hour or so it feels ok, and then you're getting more and more tired, so when you're done after 2 hours and 23km, you're really done.
Shame I'm not a marathon runner, as I suppose it's really good emulation of how you feel at the later stages of a marathon.
I used to do 27km long runs in under 2 hours at home, and feel quite fresh afterwards (tired of course, but nothing really serious). Here, it's just it, I probably couldn't run another 2km.
Btw. if you're ever coming to Flagstaff for training, I can recommend the road towards Walnut Canyon for your long runs. Ideally start where Old Walnut Canyon Road meets Country Club Drive, and follow it towards the Canyon. It's mostly on a nice, softer surface, through the forest, and reasonably flat. And the smell of the pine trees is just amazing.

That was Sunday morning. In the evening a short, easy run to the gym, some weight lifting, and an easy (and super slow) run home. That means Monday was a rest day - just two short, easy runs, a bit of core stability at the gym, and little cycling.
Tuesday was supposed to be another hard day. Easy run in the morning, then weights, and a track session in the evening. Managed to get completely soaked twice before the lunch! Seems that cycling, apart from other benefits, has also that advantage over running, that if it's raining, you can get thoroughly washed without any extra effort. And your clothes benefit from that extra service, too.
The evening track session didn't happen after all, as the track was already closed (or, to be more precise, I couldn't find a non-closed entrance). So a 10km run instead (medium pace, probably up to a marathon effort).
I've managed to find the entrance to the track this morning instead, so did a proper session.
It seems that my theory of 20s/km slower than at home doesn't hold with longer reps. I did 8x1km, with 200m jog recoveries. I was aiming for something like 10k pace, so it should've been about 3:50/km, but ended up doing 4:00-4:01 (3:53 for the first and last rep)... And still not sure if I could race a 10k at that pace (although it felt much more manageable than the pace from Saturday).
I also met a girl at the track. She's from New Jersey, staying here for 2.5 months. 800m runner, with a PB of 2:01... Shame I didn't ask about her name, as she's probably going to try to make it to Olympics. I think that standard of 800m running is pretty high in the US, but I suppose if she could shave off a couple of seconds from her PB, than she could make it.
Anyway, if you want to feel old and slow, just go and see how someone like her is training. Puts your "achievements" and "records" into the right perspective :)
Surprisingly, the weather was really nice in the morning, even some sunshine. I've seen Humphrey's Peak for the first time in 4 days. Seems it was busy getting it's top painted white while it was away:

Just to illustrate how fast the weather is changing here, this one was taken 4 hours later:

And a picture of an angry mountain from a few days ago. It looked much darker and angrier in reality, apparently my camera has very low level of empathy and can't really get mountain's emotions right:

That's all folks, tomorrow is another day of running, and - hopefully - the last day of shitty weather until I'm back in London.

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