Friday, 2 October 2015

First run in NY

We've arrived yesterday (Thursday), but due to tiredness (seems I'm getting into a habit of sleeping for 2 hours before the travel) I didn’t go for a run.
At first I was planning to do running sightseeing, but then I had a look at the map. And then another one, just to make sure I got it right at the first time.
I did.
And I learned, that this city is Big. I thought London was big, but that's something different - in London you can run to a nice place from where you live and still have a couple of miles of running in a nice scenery, and still you don't have to call the whole business a “long run”. Here you won’t get even to the halfway point and you need to go back.
Big is actually one of the key words to describe NY. The city itself is big. The buildings are big. There are big cars on the big streets. The meals are big, even the apples are big.
Only the beers are small.
It's hard to describe New York (even the first impression) in something of a smaller size than a space shuttle manual. There's everything here. Starting with the Manhattan - which is big itself, an island 14 miles long - you have all the skyscrapers (they're pretty amazing, look beautiful in the rainy night), all sorts of ethnic districts (Chinatown, Little Italy, Koreantown, and so on - there are traces of probably every nation in the world here. Many Polish accents as well). There are extremely posh areas, financial district, then there are hip, Shoreditch-like parts like East Village, there's Harlem with it's jazz clubs, and more and more - few days is definitely not enough to explore it properly.
And that's just Manhattan. Then comes Brooklyn, when we're actually staying. It's way bigger than Manhattan. And very diverse as well, in different style though. There are wide streets surrounded by brown stone house with impressive elevations. There are plenty of post-industrial areas (currently being taken over by hipsters, artists and all sorts of creative people) - with Williamsburg as the main example.

Because I'm a lazy bastard, and you're probably one, too - there are a few thousand words, conveniently compressed into a few poor quality pictures.

Oh, it was supposed to be about my first run in NY. Ok, I went for a short, easy 6km run around our area. Tomorrow racing in Bay Ridge Halfmarathon, so taking it easy.

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