Friday, 9 October 2015

The smell of a pine

Flagstaff smells with pine trees. They are everywhere, and the smell is amazing. Even in “civilised” parts there are plenty of trees, and if you go somewhere slightly more remote, it’s just breathtaking.
And the weather is fantastic. Apparently it was raining on Monday and Tuesday, but since I arrived on Wednesday, it’s sunny all the time. Days are nice and warm, up to +20 degrees. Nights are colder, but still quite ok.

Oh, I’ve met local squirrels in the forrest. Now those are huge beasts! About twice the size of the British ones. And the British ones are already about twice the size of the regular, ginger, european ones.
Seriously, even the famous chubby squirrel from Glasgow, that apparently is bullying all the other squirrels in the park, would serve at most as a starter to the ones here (with all the respect to glaswegian fierceness and temperament). I'd take a picture of them, but was to scarred to take my camera out in front of them.

I’m still organising myself, trying to find a bike on Craigslist, and looking for a gym. There are plenty of small fitness studios here, focused on personal training, that have quite limited hours, but I’m sure there are some bigger gyms as well.

I’m off for a run, and here are some photos of the area (and one of playful flags):

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