Friday, 19 February 2016

Back to writing

When I first started writing this blog, it was out of pure laziness. The initial idea was to avoid giving individual updates from my trip to USA to my parents and friends. Instead - I though I'll just write a blog, so everyone interested can read it. No more telling the same story twice (or thrice! Yes, that's how many people could've been interested at times!)

When I got back from holiday, there wasn't much interesting stuff to write about. Just regular training day in - day out. Day after day, week after week.
And then - a certain French Bloke started writing his blog. It's a really good story about this guy. First of all - he's one of my best mates. Ok, that's maybe not very encouraging, but other things about him are really cool. Apart from having a Polish friend, he's a really nice bloke.
Secondly - and that's where the surprising twist comes - less than a year ago he was bragging to everyone who cared to listen how much he hated running.
And now he's a running addict himself. Check out his blog (if for some reason you're not one of our common friends and you didn't do it already). It's pretty well written, and got some nice stories in it.
And - what's most important - he's calling me his inspiration there!
I take that, although I'm a bit surprised that it's enough to call someone "fat" to become an inspiration...
Yes, he was fat at that point, and he deserved being told the truth - I told him he was fat when he was about to swallow a third burger in one hour. I had only one on that night, after a 5km race and 8km run back home... And those were delicious burgers, but he ate them all before I could act.
Anyway, he's a new born man now. He's training a lot, smashing his PBs on regular basis. And - what's most important - he really loves that!
So, no matter how questionable it is to call me an inspiration - he truly is an inspiration, as his writing made me pick my own up. And hopefully he'll be an inspiration to some of you to pick up running.

The second reason for this blog coming back to life is that I'll try to channel my need to brag about running here. The same way being competitive at running is (hopefully) preventing me from being competitive in life, I hope that uncontrolled blabbering about running here would prevent me from turning every single conversation I'm having to this topic. To face the truth - most people don't give a shit about running, and about my running in particular, so what's the point of proving again and again that I'm a boring, single-minded nonentity? I'll let my interlocutors find this out for themselves.

So, that's it. I'll be occasionally writing something about running here. You can read if you care.

P.S. If, despite this writing, I'll happen to start - not asked - talking about running in your presence - please feel free to slap me in the face. Just mind my glasses.

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